About us

Biodiverse Brazil Tours is a nature tour operator, founded by Fabiano Oliveira, a well known biologist-ornithologist and tour guide since 1998 with experience in various regions of Brazil.

Our Tour Company is accredited by the Ministry of Tourism and offers world class nature trips, focused in presenting our immense biodiversity inserted in stunning landscapes and filled with rich and authentic local cultures.

Our company name is inspired by the fact that Brazil is the most biodiverse country in the world, and this is our greatest pride! Showing wildlife, from a rare tiny hummingbird to massive Jaguars is our expertise. We work with different kinds of nature tours such as general natural history, birdwatching, jaguar tours, trekking, wildlife safaris and photo & filming expeditions.

Our office is located at the beautiful little 11.000-citizen-town of Chapada dos Guimarães in the state of Mato Grosso, just 1 hour and a half from the airport of our capital city, Cuiabá, where most of our tours begins. Besides  Chapada, which is our backyard, Biodiverse Brazil offers several tours to  Pantanal and Amazon. Beyond that we organize trips to Nobres, Bonito, Emas National Park, State of Bahia, different parts of the Southeast Atlantic Forest. ​

Our trips are customized and focused on meeting and often exceeding the expectations of the most demanding visitors. We count on a team composed of experienced, well-trained and well-equipped guides, ready to maximize the visitor's experience with knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. Our guides are professionals accredited by the Ministry of Tourism.