Chapada dos Guimarães

Passeios de um dia/ Day trips

Cidade de Pedra
Vale do Rio Claro
Circuito de Cachoeiras do Parque Nacional
Morro de São Jerônimo
Aroe Jari e Lagoa Azul, circuito de cavernas
Águas do Cerrado, circuito de cachoeiras
Circuito de Mirantes

Sugestão de roteiros:

Chapada 4 dias/ 3 noites- OK
Chapada 5 dias/ 4 noites - OK
Chapada 6 dias/ 5 noites - OK
Chapada 7 dias/ 6 noites - OK

  • Jaqueline Borges
    Chapada dos Guimarães, Nature trip, 2017. I was in Chapada with 2 friends during the Tiradentes national holiday. The tour was guided by Yan, an excellent professional and very helpful, as well as Fabiano, who served us very well from the beginning. 4x4 cars well equipped and maintained. I highly recommend Biodiverse Brazil. Thank you for the excellent service and see you next time, for sure !!
    Jaqueline Borges
  • Larissa Eberhardt Prado
    Chapada dos Guimarães, Nature trip, 2018. I was in Chapada with Biodiverse and it couldn't have been better! The place is wonderful and the Biodiverse Brazil team extremely prepared and professional, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It was one of my best trips ever! I plan to return soon.
    Larissa Eberhardt Prado
    Sao Paulo
  • Frances Abbotz Queiroz
    Pantanal, Chapada e Nobres general nature tour 2017 Amazing holiday with Fabiano absolutely unforgettable experience each day brought new wonders! Only the highest of recommendations! Fabiano is so knowledgeable on the wildlife that the wonder combines with learning and education in the most effortless and enjoyable way possible. Congratulations Fabiano see you next time we hope sometime soon
    Frances Abbotz Queiroz
    Geologist - United Kingdom/ Rio de Janeiro
  • Bill Keener
    Pantanal, Amazon and Chapada, Natural History Tour 2018 Just got back home after an awesome wildlife safari trip to Brazil. The trip was organized by Michael Ellis of Footloose Forays and guided by the one and only Fabiano Oliveira. This was my second nature trek to Brazil, and the quality of the guide makes all the difference. This time we had Fabiano, so we saw many hard to find species of mammals and birds, from two-toed sloths to harpy eagles. Not to mention lots of jaguars! I was utterly impressed by his remarkably keen eyes and his ability to identify birds just by hearing them in the forest, before we got to see them. His years of studying the wildlife in the Pantanal, the Amazon, and Chapada dos Guimaraes meant we could take advantage of his deep knowledge of the animals. To top it off, Fabiano was a wonderful field companion, always enthusiastic and proud to show off Brazil’s natural beauty. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
    Bill Keener
    Biologist- California –USA
  •  Erin Donahue,  Willife photographer
    Pantanal, Amazon and Chapada, Natural History Tour 2016 Pumas of Patagonia Chile, photo tour 2019 Pantanal Naturalist River Cruise 2019 I have travelled with Biodiverse Brazil Tours to both Brazil and Chile in small groups. Because they have carefully fostered local connections, they can offer clients itineraries that take you both off the beaten path, as well as in proximity to the big cats we all want to see: namely the jaguars of the Pantanal and the pumas of Patagonia. But because of the guides’ knowledge of the distinct specific ecosystems – whether it is Chapada, Amazonia, or the Pantanal (of Brazil), or much further south in the landscape surrounding Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, I left having seen and learned so much about these ecosystems and the natural history of the birds, plants, and mammals that live there. In both cases, Fabiano Oliveira worked with us to shape an itinerary to fit our group. His staff handled all the details so thoroughly that trip logistics felt seamless. He has hired excellent guides that are both talented in the field identifying birds and mammals, but who are also good company, with warmth and humor. We are returning to Brazil in the Fall of 2019 for our second visit, and feel grateful to have met Fabiano and some of his staff, who, through guiding tours, are practicing their own form of activism. As we fall in love with lands distant or near, may we all help preserve them!  
    Erin Donahue, Willife photographer
    East Thetford, Vermont, USA
  • Ricardo and Family
    We have just being in Chapada dos Guimarães with the Biodiverse team and it made all the difference, service, professionals, punctuality, itinerary and guaranteed fun. I was with two children on this tour and the care of Fabiano and his guides to assist us or even adapt the itineraries. Surprised, overcame and we will come back again (next is Pantanal) Just compliments to you! Our desire to return soon increases a lot.
    Ricardo and Family
    São Paulo - Brazil