About us

Biodiverse Brazil Tours offers world class nature trip experiences through the most beautiful and wildlife rich areas of Brazil (and beyond) led by the best professional guides. Headquartered in the uplands of Chapada dos Guimarães, one hour by car from Cuiabá (capital of the state of Mato Grosso), our trips include several different areas of Brazil and other countries of South America. Our top specialties are the Pantanal (our second home) and the southern Amazon forest, Nobres and of course Chapada dos Guimarães (our backyard), but we also offer terrific trips in Bonito, Emas National Park, Trijunção Lodge (Maned Wolf land), different regions of the Atlantic Forest such as Itatiaia NP and Iguasu NP and Patagonia (Puma Land!) in Chile and Argentina. We organize different tour types such:

General natural history trips
Family tour (nature holidays)
Jaguar safaris in Pantanal
Wildlife safaris
Wildlife photo trips
Filming expeditions

We offer scheduled tours for groups and international tour operators, but will also customize tours for specific individuals, to suit their requirements. We are proud to have been the chosen local partner of some of the best international travel companies offering wildlife trips in Brazil.
Our experienced team of guides is well trained, properly equipped and ready to maximize the visitor experience with knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. Our name “Biodiverse Brazil '' comes from what we are most proud of in our homeland, Its mega biodiversity. Brazil is the world’s most biodiverse country, and that’s what we love to spotlight and share that with our clients.

Biodiverse Brazil Tours was established in 2012 by Fabiano Oliveira, a biologist and licensed tour guide since 1999, with specific expertise in Bird watching, Jaguar behavior, general zoology, wildlife photography and smart travel planning. In order to ensure the tour quality, the company has its own fleet of vehicles and boat, with 4x4 SUV, open truck for Pantanal safaris and night drives and a brand new safari boat for Jaguar safaris.