Constantin Malik
Henrik Hjorth-Hansen

Pantanal, Amazon and Chapada, Natural History Tour 2016
Pumas of Patagonia Chile, photo tour 2019
Pantanal Naturalist River Cruise 2019

I have travelled with Biodiverse Brazil Tours to both Brazil and Chile in small groups. Because they have carefully fostered local connections, they can offer clients itineraries that take you both off the beaten path, as well as in proximity to the big cats we all want to see: namely the jaguars of the Pantanal and the pumas of Patagonia. But because of the guides’ knowledge of the distinct specific ecosystems – whether it is Chapada, Amazonia, or the Pantanal (of Brazil), or much further south in the landscape surrounding Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, I left having seen and learned so much about these ecosystems and the natural history of the birds, plants, and mammals that live there.

In both cases, Fabiano Oliveira worked with us to shape an itinerary to fit our group. His staff handled all the details so thoroughly that trip logistics felt seamless. He has hired excellent guides that are both talented in the field identifying birds and mammals, but who are also good company, with warmth and humor. We are returning to Brazil in the Fall of 2019 for our second visit, and feel grateful to have met Fabiano and some of his staff, who, through guiding tours, are practicing their own form of activism. As we fall in love with lands distant or near, may we all help preserve them!