Erin Donahue

Stephanie Arnow
Bill Keener

Puma Photography Tour in Chile, 2019:

Having just returned from a puma tracking tour in and around Torres del Paine National Park in
Chile, I can only say what an incredible job Biodiverse Brazil Tours does putting these trips together: from finding the best puma trackers in Patagonia (and booking their time a year in advance), to obtaining permits, arranging lodging, transportation and food…. all done with both professionalism and enthusiasm.

The two local tracker guide system is critical, so that one can scout ahead while the other escorts you into position to photograph the cats. This maximizes your precious days in the field. I found the guides very ethical about not harassing the pumas, while getting us close enough for intimate portraits. These guys are incredible; they know every mountain peak, bird, and plant, as well as the lineages of most of the pumas we saw.

Biodiverse Brazil Tours keep their group sizes small, which makes mobility while tracking easier and less intrusive. The lodge has large rooms, with lots of outlets for charging equipment. The food is excellent; the transportation comfortable.

The king penguin colony and tour on Tierra Del Fuego was a perfect day one activity before heading to the mountains.

I thank you, Fabiano Oliveira, for creating this opportunity to go and spend hours watching pumas (and practicing my wildlife photography skills), while gazing out at that iconic Patagonian landscape. I will return!